Making Room In Your Day for Drawing

As I’m leaving my apartment to take my daughter to school and I pick up my book bag packed with my work materials (laptop, notebooks, pens, etc.), I see my black 8.5″ x 11″ sketchpad and wince knowing that the extra weight will hurt my back.

I am not a lower back pain person but because I carry too much, I’ve caused my back to smart a little bit.

I know my notebook is the match that will break this camel’s back. And yet, and yet…it’s got to come along.

My days are filled with obligations, rushing around and a lot of long stints of staring at a computer screen. If I want to keep up the drawing habit and drawing my cartoons, then the sketchbook must come. Yes, I could get a smaller size but honestly I don’t enjoy drawing in a smaller sketch pad. I’m used to the 8.5″x 11″ size.

I will make the time to draw and make sure to inconvenience myself a bit to make drawing more convenient.


Getting Ready for Inktober

Are you ready for Inktober?

Usually when Inktober pops up I find myself in the middle of October when my cartoonist friends are posting breathtaking work and I just don’t feel like even participating because I was so late to the game.

A few days ago I noticed a good friend of mine, Alison (from Dumfries, Scotland) who was spending time in London and doing some warm up sketches for Inktober.

Jake Parker is the artist who started the Inktober movement (2009!) and if you wish to learn more about him, click here.

Here is a list of the prompts he created, ready to go for 2019:

Courtesy of Jake Parker:

Below are some of my favorite drawing tools.

Photo Credit: Natalie Kim

As I’m looking at this photo I’ve posted above, EVERY SINGLE item in this photo is Japanese. I’m a huge fan of brush pens and find that the brush pens from Kinokuniya are the best.

(FYI: The pencil and mechanical pencil both have 3H lead. That type of lead makes it easier to erase things.)

I’m not planning in getting new materials specifically for this year’s October, but I will participate fully


Let me know if you’ll be participating!