exploring gouache

I’ve been taking this course with Maru Godas from Domestika and I love it!

I like how she is passionate she is about the this medium. She is passionate about gouache and sketching her surroundings and I also enjoy her playful and joyful approach to teaching. When she talks about using gouache and her techniques you get the feeling that she REALLY knows gouache and delights in the process.

She starts us off by using and observing black gouache and how it looks with more and more water.

Then we go from white to dark. My white is looking splotchy and sloppy as I try to figure how to work with it.

For my cartoons I usually work in black and white and this is a refreshing way of doing things differently. It forces me out of a comfort zone and I observe the paint’s viscosity, texture and vibrance.

I see a lot of things that I can do better (making the paint more consistent) and at the same time it’s a lot of fun.

I enjoy the fact that Maru does these exercise to see how we can manipulate the medium. If we jumped right into color, we might not have noticed the nuances.

She is joyful and knowledgeable and I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. (No sponsorship, just me working with my hands.)

Author: Natalie Kim

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Natalie Kim, a comedian and artist living in New York City. I like sharing my creative process and I believe we're more alike than we think.

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